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About Us

Five years ago, the conference adopted the idea of conference-wide Men's Ministries. Since SCC is comprised of five regions and more than 140 churches and groups, cultures and ethnicities, officers of Men’s Ministries reflects wide cultural diversity.

Meetings - Monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.


-To strengthen men and young men of all our churches to grow spiritually.
-To strengthen the family.
-To encourage men to be priests in their homes.
-To emphasize Christian integrity and character building.
-To encourage bonding of diverse cultures to be brothers through Jesus Christ.
-To offer hope to our young men, especially those exposed to violence and
-To create various programs for men in the areas of health and leadership
  training and a convocation for men and young men.
-To enlighten men spiritually and socially.
-To educate our young men of the dangers they race in premarital sex and